Hand Lettered & Hand Painted Artwork

These are all my favorites. That is the fun of sharing my portfolio, I get to share my favorites with you. First up, is a special event hand-painted banner. Once I finished meticulously stenciling the letters on by hand and painting the letters, the events team took over and the banner was hung with rope across several large pallet walls, to give a sort of rustic look.
threshing floor

Co+op-9385_threshing floor banner.jpgThreshing Floor Photos by Timothy Maestas

This special Wedding Chalk art was last-minute if I remember correctly, I don’t recall putting in any preparation beforehand.  I do remember that it took a lot of work and many hands to clean the wall first from the venue’s previous guests. Its purpose was to be a photo booth wall and props and hats were added to the side for guests to use.
Chalk Art

lujan wedding chalk art


The Grinch Hand Painted Backdrop

The Grinch Artist

Modeled after the pages of the Dr. Seuss book The Grinch, this hand painted backdrop set the scene for a very special play at a Preschool. This is still  one of my favorite projects and one of the longest and largest work to date. 

The Grinch Backdrop


IMG_2884 Grinch2


Grinch Room